Monday, July 30, 2007

Repetitive Heartaches

A girl thinks that she is just being friendly with a guy, but before she knows it, he is asking permission to court her. A guy feels that he's merely sibling-like friends with a girl, and though she reacts similarly, her friends know that she clearly likes him. A girl feels jealous over a guy, but she is just being possessive over someone who has no given commitment to her. A guy wants to court a girl, but he is wary of intruding upon her life's plans. A girl falls deeply for a guy who likes another, and she broods in misery over her unrequitted feelings.

I have observed, experienced, seen, heard, and played witness to all these scenarios multiple times within the last few years. And sometimes I can't help but wonder why these foolish human cycles repeat themselves. Why should such sad heartaches happen so often? Why can't we humans know the better through observation instead of letting ourselves hurt each other repetitively?

I cannot give an outright answer. Some people blame it on youth, some on idleness, and some on inconsideration. I don't know, yet I do know one thing. We are fallen human beings, and we are stubborn.

So often I see such situations at their developmental stage, yet do not take action. It may be out of selfish pleasure, or it is often because I am too lazy to warn my friends against their actions. It doesn't feel nice to tell good friends that their actions are improper, and it is even harder to convince them to believe you. Giving constructive criticism is a thankless job.

If friends are difficult to convince, then the self is even harder. So with all these factors at hand, more often than not, I refrain to advice, to rebuke, to discourage certain thoughts or actions, be it myself or a friend involved. After all, who wants to alienate personal pleasure or friends' esteem?

Yet each time I see another such scenario repeat itself, I can only wonder why I did not act. If I had spoken up, if I had exercised more wisdom, would things have been different? Could the heartache be avoided? Had I once more missed a chance for God to use me? I can't help but wonder...and the thought haunts me...

Christian love is honest, patient, and rejoicing in the ultimate welfare of the other. Perhaps I need a little bit more self-control, a little bit more boldness and love for my friends. Perhaps some heartaches could be avoided yet.

Lord, use me, I pray...mold me to obey.

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